Saturday, April 16, 2011

JMP Delegation to Meet GCC Foreign Ministers in Riyadh Sunday

Sana'a, Apr 16, 2011- A delegation from the opposition coalition, the Joint Meeting Parties, heads on Sunday to Saudi capital Riyadh to meet the GCC foreign ministers.

The rotating president of the coalition, Yasin Saeed Noman, told Aljazeera Satellite Channel that the delegation will brief the Gulf ministers on what is happening in Yemen.

Previously, the JMP informed the GCC member states that it wanted to explain the situation in Yemen before their second declaration that should complete the GCC proposal for a peaceful transfer of power, he said.

The regime was misleading our brothers in the Arabian Gulf and that was seen as a roadblock to explain the things here as they are being done as the situations are gravely deteriorating, he made clear.

The GCC states welcomed our explanation and the meeting will take place Sunday afternoon, he said.

Regarding the reports that there was a U.S.-EU vision for a timeframe for the ouster of the Yemeni regime in the light the GCC proposal, Noman said that there was a 'misconception'.

" The U.S. and EU thoughts for the Yemeni crisis were thrashed out even with the regime and they focused on the implementation of the first initiative, nothing else," he said.

Source: Yemen Post

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