Sunday, April 24, 2011

GCC Proposal to solve the Yemen Crises

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

GCC Proposal

The agreement between Yemen's ruling party and the opposition

*Basic Principles

-The resolution of the agreement will lead to safety, security, stability and unity of Yemen.

-The agreement will achieve Yemen's people ambitions in change and reform.

-The agreement will achieve peaceful transition of power, and avoid Yemen entering chaos and violence and this will be within a national agreement.

-Both sides are obligated to defuse all elements of political and security tension.

-Both sides are obligated to stop all sorts of revenge and persuing of the other in appliance to the gaurantees and pledges offered by this proposal.

*Executive Steps:

-From the first day to the agreement, the President of the Republic instructs the opposition to form a national government 50% for the ruling party, 40% for the opposition, and 10 % fron other political powers.

-The government will be formed during the seven days from the date of signing the agreement.

-The new government will create the suitable atmosphere to achieve the national agreement and defuse all elements of political and security tension.

-On the 29th day of the signing of the agreement, the parliament including the opposition will issue a law which will grant President and those who served under his rule Immunity from law and judical prosecution

-In the 30th day after the signing of the agreement, and after the president and his aides in rule are granted Immunity from prosecution, the president will handover his resignation to parliament, and his vice president becomes the new president after parliament approves Saleh's resignation.

-The new president (former vice president) calls to presidential elections within 60 days in compliance to the constitution.

-The new president (former Vice President) forms a constitutional committee to supervise to prepare a new constitution.

-After the constitution being finished, a referendum will take place to accept the new constitution.

-When the constitution is approved by the people, it is important to offer a timetable for the new parliamentary elections according to the constitution.

-After the parliamentary elections are complete, the winning party with majority of seats in parliament will be asked to form a new government.

-The GCC, EU, and US will be witnessed to this agreement.


The President of Yemen Republic

Yemeni Opposition



The US

The EU

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