Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crackdown fears halt Yemen march toward UN mission

SANAA, Apr 10, 2011 - (AP) Tens of thousands of people are rallying in Yemen's capital to protest the deaths of demonstrators Friday in the southern city of Taiz.

The protesters in Sanaa had planned to march to the United Nations mission, which is not far from the presidential palace. But they stopped after being tipped that presidential guard units controlled by President Ali Abdullah Saleh's eldest son would crush them.

Hundreds of thousands also rallied Saturday in demonstrations across Yemen. The protests that day in Sanaa and Taiz turned violent. The director of a field hospital in Taiz said 580 people were injured there Saturday.

More than 120 people have been killed in Yemen since Feb. 11 in protests inspired by popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, according to an AP count.

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