Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update: Crackdown on Yemen Protests Stepped up as People Insist on "Out Ali"

ٍSana'a, Mar 12, 2011- Hundreds were wounded early Saturday morning when the security forces raided the thousands of the youths who have assembled outside Sana'a University demanding the ouster of President Saleh. There were unconfirmed reports one protester was killed.

After the dawn prayers tens of central security forces headed to the university located on the ring road firing live bullets and prohibited teargas canisters against the sit-inners, few days after a similar tragedy in which one was killed and more than one hundred protesters were injured.

On Tuesday night, riot police tried to prevent a group of the sit-inners from pitching more tents but the youths resisted them.

In response, police and, according to eyewitnesses, snipers believed to be police out of uniform fired live ammunition and nerve gas at the protesters. Medical sources said those who were injured because of nerve gas fired at them had started to suffer from cramp and brain hemorrhage.

Ambulances rushed to the area today taking those hurt to hopsitals amid the intensified crackdown on the protesters, who have vowed not to abandon their place until Saleh and his corrupt government were out.

Also pro-regime bullies joined the security forces attacking the sit-inners.

Some of the bullies were caught and beaten by the angry anti-government sit-inners and other bullies were gathering away from the university.

There were also walls built by the pro-Saleh people and police closing the streets in a move which aims to prevent the protesters from occupying a larger land as they have started to take their tents to more streets.

Millions prayed in the streets on Friday in various cities blessing the uprising and demanding the ouster of Saleh, who has ruled the country for 33 years. Saleh has been making concessions and offering initiatives to address the current crisis, but the opposition here rejected all his offers, saying the people should decide now, none else.

The Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, joined the young and popular revolt after all efforts to resume dialogue and address the political stalemate failed and after today's attack on the protesters the coalition vowed to step up the anti-regime protest.

It urged the people in various cities to stage millions-demonstrations to force Saleh out.

Source: Yemen Post

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