Friday, March 4, 2011

Up 60 Somalis arrive in Yemen coasts

HADRAMOUT- March 4, 2011- An unknown boat smuggling has transported 63 Somalis, including 19 women and 7 children, to the coast of Broome district in Hadramout province, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.
In a press release, the Ministry said that its security services in Broome had sent the Somalis to a refugees' camp in collaboration with the High Commissioner for Refugees in the province.
Meanwhile, the security forces in Taiz province sent 16 Somalis, including 4 women, to the main camp of refugees in Kharaz district after they had reached the coast on Thursday.
In addition, four Somalis, aged between 18-25 years, were detained in Amran province and were referred to the legal agencies to take procedures for entry illegally into Yemen.
Source: (Saba)

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