Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer: Assassination Plans Target Important Figures in Yemen

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, Mar 27, 2011- Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer, the head of Hashed tribe revealed that there is an agenda to carry out assassinations against Yemen's important figures.

In a message given to President Ali Abdullah Saleh , Sheikh Al-Ahmer said there are assassination plans in the country to target political and business figures.

Two days ago, police in the United Arab Emirates thwarted an attempt to smuggle pistols to Yemen, where the popular uprising demanding the ouster of the regime is gaining further momentum.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khlafan, Dubai police chief, said the police arrested a network while trying to traffic the 16000 guns from Turkey to Yemen's Sa'ada province, the stronghold of the Shiite Houthi Group with which the government reached a ceasefire earlier last year ending a six-year war in the far north.

Six Arabs living in the United Arab Emirates were arrested, Khalfan said, declining to say to whom the weapons had been shipped specifically.

"However, the shipment was not planned to be received by the Yemeni government," he said.

I think the pistols were planned to be used for assassinations, said Khalfan, wondering: how could the people who are striving for bread arrange millions in USD to buy all these guns?

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