Thursday, March 24, 2011

Opposition parties expose coup intentions, Yemeni official

SANA’A, March 24 (Saba)- A official in the ruling party of the General People’s Congress has expressed regret for remarks of a spokesman for the opposition Joint Meeting Parties Mohammed Qahtan who had called for a protest march on the presidential palace next Friday.

"We regret the issuance of such statement from the JMP and consider it an adventure shows the Muslim Brotherhood and the leadership of the JMP lack of responsibility”, the head of the Information Department of the General People’s Congress Tareq al-Shami has said in an interview with the Yemen satellite television station.

Al-Shami accused the JMP of being thirst for blood and chaos, staging an uncovered coup in order to hold power and risking lives of innocent citizens and young people.

He went on to say that Qahtan’s remarks had shot down the opposition parties’ allegations of a peaceful protest.

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