Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Bacth Of Malaysian Citizens Arrive From Yemen

SEPANG, March 17, 2011- The first batch of 10 Malaysian citizens, including a woman expecting to give birth anytime now, returned home from strife-torn Yemen Thursday night.

They arrived by a Qatar Airways flight arranged by the government at the KL International Airport here at 9.01pm.

Most of them were greeted by family anxious members while others, who were not received by family members were provided with transportation and temporarily accommodated at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang.

Al-Iman University student Balqis Sabarudin, 32, said although her home was away from where the riots erupted, she was worried of her safety and that of her husband and 16-month-old child.

"I am also nine months pregnant and expecting to give birth anytime now. The hospitals in Yemen are in disarray as they are treating wounded protesters," she told reporters at the airport.

She thanked the government for bringing the Malaysian citizens home before the situation escalated.

A Yemen University of Science and Technology student, Mohd Shahril Abdul Samad, 23, said he was worried of his wife, who is four months pregnant as they live only about 200 meters from the site of the demonstration.

"Sometimes we can hear the sound of gunfire. Fortunately, the Malaysian government moved us to the Malaysian Students Association house in Yemen four days ago before flying us home," he added.


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