Monday, March 28, 2011

At Least 15 Injured as Pro-Saleh Thugs Attacks Ibb Demo

Ibb, Mar 28, 2011- At least 15 people including two women were injured when pro-government thugs attacked on Sunday a female demonstration in Ibb province demanding the ouster of President Saleh of Yemen.

The first of its kind protest in the province started afternoon calling for Saleh to resign and condemning his last threats.

Saleh has recently attacked the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, amid the escalating anti-government protests across the republic, threatening to Somalize Yemen and warning Yemen call fall in civil war if those calling for his resignation insist on their demand.

The protesters also condemned the killing of the anti-Saleh protesters in Yemeni cities including those who were killed last Friday in the capital Sana'a, but while chanting anti-Saleh slogans the pro-government thugs threw rocks at the women and the protection committee injuring at least 15 people.

The thugs also confiscated the cameras of and severely attacked some journalists and correspondents.

Hundreds of thousands have been conducting protests and sit-ins in various cities to call for the departure of Saleh, who was to resign on Saturday.

President Saleh said yesterday there were talks over his exit but insisted on handing power to safe hands or the people, not to conspirers.

He said he was ready to step down right now as the public pressure mounts, but today he held the opposition full responsible for the consequences as the people are determined he and his family should leave their posts and the country.

Source: Yemen Post

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