Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anwar Al-Awlaki: Unrest in the Arab World will Enable Jihad Movement to Flourish

By Fatik Al-Rodaini

Sana'a, Mar 30, 2011- Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, (AQAP) said that the fall of the Arabs' regime will help the organization to extend everywhere.

In his article in the fifth issue of Al-Qaeda magazine, Inspire, Anwar Al-Awlaki, the American-born Yemeni cleric welcomed Wednesday the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia but questioned the intentions of the Western world. It also expects that the events will lead to a focus on Palestine.

Al-Awlaki expressed optimism regarding the future of the jihadist movement. He claimed that the unrest situation in the Arab world will enable the jihad movement to flourish.

He said that the spread of the unrest to Yemen and Libya "and especially the possibility that uprisings will break out in the Gulf countries, primarily Saudi Arabia" will open up new opportunities for jihad.

Al-Awlaki was designated as the most dangerous enemy of the U.S., with the CIA issuing in April a dead-or-alive warrant for him. The U.S. also says Al-Awlaki had links with three of those involved in 9/11 attacks.

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